Saturday, June 25th, 2011

I am hesitant to post this. It is totally different from my previous posts, but maybe it should be the norm. I feel like I should maybe post it, and so here I am jumping off a cliff with this.  It’s the messy conclusion of my heart. Five days into my stay in Germany and I have been overwhelmed. Maybe it’s culture shock. Maybe it’s Jet Lag. Maybe it’s Jesus. I finally had some time today to listen to some worship. I was immediately swept up in it and I felt the effects of going five days  without it as my breath was taken away. A simple thing like listening to Hillsong while I was bored at home is now such precious time to me. Never take worship for granted. The moments you spend alone with God are the most important. Everything starts with Him. I found myself in a state of desperation the moment the music started. Music is my captivator. I think that words immersed in music can touch places in your heart and soul that nothing else can reach. He sure does know the way to my heart.. As I was listening I got to thinking about how I miss the everyday moments that I spent doing absolutely nothing but laying on my kitchen floor swept up in worship. To be able to gather together to worship and be encouraged by other believers is the most precious thing we have been given. I realized this because I no longer have that available to me. I wish so badly to be able to pray with someone at the alter. I wish so badly for some encouragement and some unearthly love. My heart screams for it! So don’t miss it! Don’t overlook it! Don’t view the opportunities you have to be with other believers at the feet of Jesus as just another activity! Don’t view it as a self-improvement plan! Let it be SO precious to you! Embrace it! Embrace Him, because He wants to embrace you! Fight for those moments! Fight for your heart and the hearts of others because it is so easy to be seduced by the things this world has to make us comfortable. Fight for time with your Father, because when you are stripped away from everything you know, There is only Him. Don’t wait to realized how valuable your time is before your opportunities are no longer available to you. As I am now so aware of how I spent my time, my heart aches and thinks,” you should have done this.. you should have spent more time.. why did you?.. why didn’t you?.. “I’m so thankful for the grace of God in my life. He has opened my eyes to a piece of His heart. The church. Everything you know becomes dust, it’s all garbage,  when God reveals to you even the tiniest piece of His heart. We have only glimpsed His vast love and affection towards us!  So be courageous enough to jump off the cliffs when you see them. Take people with you!  Don’t settle down! Throw yourself off the edge of a cliff and watch what our Jesus can do.


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