Germany – Day 20

11 Jul

Monday, July 11th, 2011

I slept in until almost 9:00am today when Donna woke me up. She had an appointment at the hospital and I wanted to tag along to do some shopping and run errands with her. So I got ready and we left for Landstuhl. I sat in the waiting room and tried to read my book but watched the CNN news  instead, but there was nothing of good report.  Only a little while and she was out of there so we left for Ramstein where we had planned to meet Don for lunch at Rocker’s, his favorite spot on base. He had a meeting that was suppose to end at 12:00, the time we were suppose to meet him, but it ran a little long. We didn’t see him until ten to 1:00 and so we just ordered and waited for him. I had a very yummy philly cheese steak wrap. VERY yummy.

When we were all done, we walked together over to the medical center to pick up some prescriptions and then Donna and I walked to the post office to get the mail, which there was none of today. So we walked back to the car and went to find the Customs Office to pick up a customs form for me. We did a bit of souvenir shopping and dropped by the video rental store to pick up a movie for tonight. Then we went to the BX. Don needed aftershave.  After all that we left Ramstein for Vogelwey. We needed to stop at the gas station there for fuel and protein bars and also we needed to get groceries at the Commissary.. 28 Happy Hippos 🙂    It was a straight shot home from there and by then it was already almost 5:00pm.

We beat Don home only by a little while. The time passed quickly from then on. We spent our ritual time out on the circle and Pat showed up to chat with us across the fence. We had chicken and special chicken flavored rice tonight with red peppers and peas.. very good, just like everything we eat here. Don went to bed early again but Donna and I stayed up to finish watching the movie, End of the Spear. It is the awe inspiring, true story, of a missionary, Nate Saint, the father of my grade school teacher, who gives everything to reach people that nobody else cares to deal with. If you want to be inspired by a real life love story, it is a great movie to see.

Tomorrow, Donna and I leave for Garmish. A very long drive from here, but I am looking forward to it with excitement 🙂 I cannot wait to see more 🙂


2 Responses to “Germany – Day 20”

  1. Pam Bruning July 15, 2011 at 12:35 pm #

    Hi sweetie — Is this a better way to get in contact with you? …rather than straight email? I’m a few days behind in your blog (helping at summerbible camp at church — the littlest ones are SO cute!) Each ‘class’ wears matching, different-colored Tshirts while in camp – and for the 4-yr-olds, they’re more like T-dresses, coming below the knees on most of them. They look like little Yodas….
    loving your blog, dear!! Esp the parts about food — color me green! 🙂

    Love you – talk later,

  2. Ashley Sietsema July 15, 2011 at 8:01 pm #

    Hello Miss Sara ~

    Hope you are having a great time in Germany! I love reading your blog – and I love hearing about all the food!!!! I hope you are learing how to make some of these fantastic dishes and you can prepare a meal for us some evening when you get home.

    Also – I LOVE that little ‘saying’ about the waddling ducks. I had to print off a copy and it’s posted by my computer at work.

    Take care hon and I can’t wait to see more pictures when you get home!!

    Cory and ashley

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