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Day 9 – Germany

30 Jun

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

I almost overslept this morning had Donna not hollered down the stairs for me. 7:45am I was hopping out of bed. Tied my hair back into a French braid and grabbed some breakfast before we headed out the door at 8:30am to meet Diane and Pat for a volksmarch. It took a little over an hour to get to Bad Durkheim, the town that held the starting point of the walk, also home to the largest wine barrel in the world. We did 12k today. The walk started out through the town’s gardens, which were magnificent, and passed a huge desalinization facility which smelled just wonderful (although you couldn’t really smell it, but the idea of salt air made me breathe deeper). The weather was just right today for the walk. 75 degrees and mostly cloudy and it sprinkled on us a few times just ever so lightly. There were so many vineyards and berry bushes, so we filled ourselves up with little plums and things as we went. Our first checkpoint was on top of a Romische Villa, Roman ruins which had to be 1,000 years old or more. They were a wonder. Along the walk you would see every once in a while part of an old wall that must have been there for years and years. The most beautiful things I have seen yet during my time in Germany..
Pat and Diane got ahead of us very early on in the walk because the American girl wanted to take soo many pictures 🙂 So Donna and I took our time. Donna has now walked 506k in volksmarches as of today and plans on making 1,000k before her time in Germany is up. Whoa.
We left Bad Durkheim around 1:30 and stopped at Forsthaus zur Isenach for dinner. It. Was. Beautiful. An outside dining area with a small lake surrounded by forest that grew up into the higher levels of the land that was surrounding us. There was a trail all the way up around it. Amazing.
The ride home was beautiful just like the ride there. We took the same route. Villages and castles. Some of the prettiest I’ve seen, and in the biggest forest in Europe. Although I missed some of the ride home because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Pretty soon my headed was bobbing and I’d jerk awake and then start dreaming all over again before I’d jerk my head up. The rain held off until we pulled up the the house.
It’s chilly outside now. I’m wrapped up in my blanket again. I wish I had a fireplace..

Tonight we had chili for supper and watched the movie Roxane 🙂 I needed a good laugh so the movie was perfect!

Today’s german word   –   “Fischstabchen”

meaning…fish stick



A Thought To Think

28 Jun
I am amazed that we are satisfied to remain the same day after day. We love the idea of change, but not the practice, nor the work of doing it. We respond to God at meetings, and we want something imparted to us, but then go home and business as usual. Our life should be a constant transformation into the likeness of Jesus. Nothing should remain the same.

Duck Land…

28 Jun

There is a story about Duck Land. The Ducks waddled to church & the Duck minister got up to preach. He said, “Ducks, you have wings & God gave you those wings!” The Ducks said, “Amen”. He said, “Since you have wings, YOU CAN FLY!”. The Ducks shouted “Amen”, then they all got up & WADDLED HOME! God gave us power to SOAR. Why are we still waddling? ~ Philippians 4:13

Leichte Erdberr-Tiramisu

28 Jun

Light Stawberry Tiramisu

Hahnchenbrustfilet mit Balsamico-Schalotten

28 Jun

Chicken Breast Filets with Balsamic Shallots


28 Jun

Baked Oven Vegetables


28 Jun

Cucumber Lintel Sausage Salad